Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Further Encouraging News

Patty returned from clinic today with more encouragement. Sarah only needs to have clinic every other week! WOO HOO! She still needs labs completed every week but this is a wonderful sign that everything is going well. She continues to gain weight, eat well and all her liver labs look wonderful. 

We are so encouraged by this news and watching Sarah thrive first hand. She is now moving around the room, though not technically crawling. She scoots herself backwards on her tummy and can turn around in circles. She is able to lay down and sit back up on her own. Right now, she is just in a really fun stage.


  1. Kirk and Patty,

    That's great news. So glad to hear it was a short stay at the hospital and things are looking good. God bless you all.


  2. Kirk and Patty,
    I guess you guys are Sarah's parents?

    My name is Blayne McRae. I have a son, Smith who has biliary atresia. He is currently at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston, where he'll have to stay until he is transplanted. We've been in and out of the hospital for the last 4 months. I hate the pain caused by this disease, but it's encouraging to read your blog and see that our situaitons are so similar.

    I found your blog while looking up some information on Smith's PELD score. His current score is 30 and hopefully he'll get his gift soon.

    I wish your little girl all the best.

    Blayne McRae