Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, April 2, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

I couldn't resist naming today's post that familiar title from the Katrina & the Waves song from the 80's. It's nearly 60 degrees in western Washington - a temperature we have not seen since October. The sun is warm on my face with a refreshing breeze to boot. My kids are all running around me, riding their bikes, kicking their soccer balls and relishing the bright day. We even took a little batting practice with our foam bats.

I'm ready for spring to arrive but more than that this time of year helps me reflect on what brings joy to my heart. Flowers and trees are in bloom. Beautiful for those of us who don't have allergies but not so much for those of us who do. People are out walking, running, riding their bikes, walking their dogs - you know the drill. But I'm talking about sunshine in our lives.

We're three weeks away from celebrating Sarah's 3-year transplantaversary. It's amazing to consider where we stood in April 2009 following her nearly fatal bleed and severe varices. We could have lost her forever in March 2009 if (and I'm fairly certain of this) my wife, Patty, had not been onboard the helicopter that rushed Sarah to Children's Hospital.

Instead, we've been blessed with God's grace and mercy in so many ways. Sarah's a rambunctious, giggly, sometimes-troublemaker (you know, the normal 3 year old!) who chases her siblings around, wants to play all the games they do and go everywhere with us. I'm so grateful for where we are and the future in front of us.

What's your sunshine moment that you carry today?

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  1. Kirk - Your thankfulness blesses my heart! Your love for your family is so obvious and your God-centered priorities. Keep it up!