Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2009: Three Years Later

Sometimes it amazes me how quickly time passes. It seems like only yesterday Sarah was given her gift of life. Yet it’s been three years this morning since that turning point in our lives. Around 6:20pm three years ago Dr. Healey and the surgical staff started the lengthy procedure of removing Sarah’s dying liver and replacing with a healthy one. While our joy was unspeakable, someone experienced pain and loss with the death of their child. It’s still difficult for me to understand why one life must end for another to continue.

We’ve been blessed beyond our wildest dreams by four wonderful children. And we fully understand that three years post-transplant, we’re more blessed than ever. As I re-read my blog posts from three years ago, I have to laugh at how matter-of-fact I was recording those events. As I begin writing a book about our journey, I’m finding the emotions and mind-numbing uncertainty are still easily recalled and experienced. I don’t think this will change no matter how many years we walk this path.

Three years. That’s most of Sarah’s young life. How long we’ll have together, no one can say. Not one of us has a guaranteed number of years on this planet. Sarah’s battle scar is a daily reminder to treasure each moment. And no matter how corny or trite that sounds, we really do. Treasure. Each. Day.

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