Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Challenges, New Decisions

Happy New Year to all my blog followers! I trust your Christmas was exceptional and full of joy, love & laughter. We enjoyed the closeness of family & watching our kids' eyes light up with each new gift they received. Despite the goldmine of gifts, I'm grateful my children know the true Reason for the season.

 Inexplicably, yet another year has passed. I'm beginning to believe my prayers back in my childhood (and especially during school!) for the days to pass quickly has been realized the older I get. Didn't we just have Christmas? Didn't we just celebrate all the kids' birthdays? Didn't I just turn (gulp) 44 years old? Coming to grips with the fact I can't stop the continual march of time is one of those issues I need to surrender to God in 2012. Seriously, it's sometimes very difficult to watch things change so much in a seemingly short stretch of time.

With a new year brings new challenges and not just letting go of my pointless battle with time. I'm nearly two months into a new job and that brings its own challenges & adjustments.

There's the challenge to keep Sarah healthy, as best we can. She's made it nearly six months in between clinic visits and we are grateful. She's battled colds and coughs throughout but nothing that's warranted additional labs or hospital visits.

How about the challenge of keeping up with three kids' homework and involvement at school? I was able to spend the first two months of the school year volunteering and sharing time with all three at school. A joyous time, to be sure. Now, the trick is to keep up with spelling tests, handwriting, science projects, book reports and everything else!

Or, the challenge of setting aside time for my marriage? We all know muscles atrophy over time if they are not utilized every day. Marriages can do the same. The challenge this year is to make the time (not find the time) to nurture my marriage every week, whatever form that takes.

And decisions? There will be plenty to make this year. Finally complete my degree or not? Take substantial writing courses to hone my craft and create publishable work? Visit Disneyland or put it off another year? Perhaps the last decision is one my children find very important but you catch my drift.

All of us have things awaiting us this year. What are the challenges or big decisions that face you this year?


  1. Always enjoy your words of wisdom (and the way you make us all think about life for ourselves). Decisions? Well, never did Christmas cards this year, so do I send cards to just who sent me ones, don't send at all, send out "winter" cards?

    Do I go to Nicaragua in March with the women's team in? (I have gone the last two years.) Go to God to determine the right answer.

    How do I share life with my husband? my kids???

    That's just a start...................

    Happy New Year. May God bless us, everyone!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Debbie. I'm hopeful each blog entry will make us all think a little more about life and all its intricacies. Appreciate you sharing your decisions. I would skip the Christmas cards this go around. We never got any out either!