Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More of the Ups and Downs: Life on the Teeter-Totter

I'm working long hours at my job this week and my energy level is already low. Sarah's labs have spiked up again, though not enough to require a hospital visit. Her AST is 98, ALT is a little over 300 and GGT is 216. We just took her off the Prednisone (steroid) a little over a week ago but have to put her back on that. Her tacrolimus has been raised as well to 2 mg in both the morning and evening. On the one hand, we are grateful the transplant team is just increasing the dosages at this time instead of ordering an ultrasound and biopsy.

Sarah will have to get labs drawn again this week, likely Wednesday night although I'm not sure if the meds will kick in that quickly to impact the results. Just praying we don't need an extra visit to Children's.

If anything God is really teaching us the lesson about living day by day and not worrying about tomorrow. We have to enjoy every minute of every day with Sarah, our children and in our marriage. There are no guarantees in life. We can survive if we relish the joy of each day together. Life is precious, don't take it for granted.

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