Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Disappointment of Getting "the Call"...but not a Liver

It's been on my heart to tackle this subject for some time. Our family has made some great friends with other families who have children with biliary atresia or other liver diseases. We have been touched by their circumstances and blessed from knowing them.

The most difficult time for any family awaiting transplant is the time leading up to "the call" - when the hospital says they have found a liver that may be a match. It's during this time when the waiting seems unbearable. We can vouch for that and we were fortunate to receive a liver fairly quickly.

There is a time that is even more difficult on parents - after they receive "the call." No exact science can guarantee that the liver which has been found is going to be a perfect match. Many times it is, but many other times it is not. We have watched three families we adore walk through this time recently.

All have gotten the unbelievable call that a liver is finally available for their little one. Braeden was first. It was a go until the hospital called them while the family was on its way and said the liver wouldn't work. Next was baby Chloe. The operation was scheduled and the family was rejoicing only to be shattered by the news this, too, was not the right liver. Finally, dear Austin, who has been experiencing many challenges in recent months, was set to receive his liver today but it also fell through.

I won't begin to question why this happens to some families and  not to others. It would be easy to shake our first at God and say, "Don't you love my baby?" but we are all aware that response rings empty. God does love each of our children, infinitely more than we do and yet some families must walk through this desert island exercise.

We love each child so dearly and the parents and siblings just as much. We pray often that the next call they receive will be the one that brings hope and healing not only to their little one but to their hearts as well.

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