Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summertime Fun

Well, look at the time --- it's nearly September! Can you  believe how this year has flown by? It's at this point I would generally joke with my co-workers about how many shopping days remain until Christmas, but I'll let you figure that out on your own. I find it hard to comprehend the speed with which the years continue passing. I wish I could slow that train down --- and with it, my kids growing up --- but it's impossible. Better to enjoy each day for what it's worth and look forward to the blessing of another day.

Sarah's fighting off a cold or something right now and we're hoping she won't need labs. As we approach her 3rd birthday, we've been reflecting back on the past couple of years; the opportunities gained and lost. We're watching other liver families struggling with serious medical complications and others who have lost their children. This cycle is endless. We never knew that when we became part of this community how much exultation or sadness would  become part of our lives. For those of you battling: we continue to stand with you through whatever crisis you're fighting. We're knit together by liver disease and you are never alone.

But this is summer, time for taking in some rays, family vacations and lots of fun, right? Yes, it can be that and we've experienced our own fun days this summer, including the christening of our new backyard fire pit last night with marshmallow roasting. Summer is for making memories and I've been blessed to enjoy some time with my kids I normally wouldn't have if I'd been working. If you're going to be laid off, summer is the perfect time, I suppose. We didn't get to do everything I would have liked but we did make it to Rockaway Beach, down to Oregon to visit some friends and up to Diablo Lake in the North Cascades.

Even amidst the joy of sharing time there comes the pressure of finding a new job, though. And the fact I put my writing on the shelf probably didn't help me. But I've resolved to resume writing and am full of fresh ideas and new twists on stories already underway. It's a priority to finish some projects this year and I am refocusing on those efforts.

With school set to begin in a week (aw, c'mon REALLY?!?) I will have more dedicated time to work on those projects and to also spend some one-on-one time with Sarah. Might even work in some coffee dates with Patty. Now, that is a novel idea! Three kids in all day school --- where has the time gone, indeed!


  1. Just found your blog and can appreciate everything you say from both a nursing standpoint and that of a family member. My cousin's first child died from liver failure from undiagnosed Tyrosinemia. Their second daughter ( who they were advised not to have) also has the disease but it was diagnosed earlier and she was treated properly. None the less, she will need a liver transplant as well and the Doctors are now trying to decide when to do it, now while she is healthy or later when her liver fails which is bound to do.
    Blessings for all those children you know who are going through any type of transplant. It is a life changing experience for everyone in the family.


  2. Terri,
    Thanks for sharing, and for finding the blog. I'm grateful for the opportunity to meet people who've experienced liver disease firsthand.