Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Monday, May 9, 2011


At Sarah's last lab visit, she reached a milestone. Her liver labs ALL came back within the normal range. WAHOO! She still tested for EBV, but the number was so low, it rated as "negative." You may wonder how we can take so much joy from normal readings. Simply put, this is the first time we can remember that Sarah's had normal labs across the board. Ever.

So we pause for a little cheer and a sigh of contentment. Those days seem to have been far and few between the past two years, but in truth we have experienced more than our share of blessings and those continue even as I await for a layoff in July.

Remember to celebrate daily, whether it be a baby's new tooth, a child's joyful personality, a friend's wisdom, a word of encouragement or happy medical news about your liver child. Make it a point to look for those tiny grains of happiness, contentment and thankfulness among the chaff in life. Treat every day as if it were extraordinary. Because, really, isn't life just that?

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