Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All Quiet on the Homefront...but Prayers Needed for Others

We returned from our vacation to Medford, Oregon Sunday night, stopping by Children's for Sarah's labs to save a trip. At her Tuesday clinic visit, everything went smoothly. A couple numbers increased a little but nothing alarming. Dr. Murray decided to leave Sarah's tac dosage at .5mg twice a day for the time being since she appears to fighting off EBV again. Our next clinic isn't scheduled until July - let's see if we can make it the full three months between appointments this time!

While things are going well for us, others are need of prayer. Chloe received her 2nd transplant late last week and while early indications are positive, I'm sure her family would appreciate your prayers. Then there is little Annabelle Phillips who hasn't left the hospital since she was born last July due to heart issues that necessitated a heart transplant. She waited three months for her heart and late last week, received her gift! Her mother says the heart is working well but she may have an infection, so please remember Annabelle daily. It can be a long road post-transplant and I expect even more difficult for a heart recipient.

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