Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life After Transplant

In one week, we celebrate Sarah's 17 month transplant anniversary. It seems so long ago but at the same time it feels like it just happened a month or two ago. Sarah continues to blossom and change. She talks more - with real words - each and every day. She giggles, chases her siblings around and plays with her dolls. Sarah is your normal two year old. Except she is not. She has someone else's liver that has now become her own. Very occasionally we consider Sarah needing another liver down the road. Those thoughts have to remain far behind us. We have four children to raise and the challenge of parenting is enough without wondering day-to-day if Sarah will have the chance for a "normal" and full life. Each day is a gift: that means each day with my wife; with my kids; our parents; and friends. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow so why dwell on the possible? Live in what is possible NOW. And now, there are smiles, laughter, tickling, helping with homework, listening to my older kids read, long walks, great talks with my wife and so many other things.

So has life changed for us? Sure. Before we knew Sarah had biliary atresia, she was just our fourth child. She is still our fourth child, but one given a new lease on life (thank God) with the precious gift of a new liver. But our lives are much the same as before. We have a great family and our time together is dear to all of us.

I have a couple of questions today, for those of you with post-transplant kids:
How have your lives and theirs changed since transplant?
Do you still think daily about where they were pre-transplant?
How long did your child have to wait for liver or other organ?
I would love to hear your thoughts and about anything post-transplant.

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  1. She is so darling!! Just want to squeeze her. You are such a special family and witness in God's love and care. Life isn't easy, but we don't grow in the easy time, but in the challenging times and you both are such an example of that. So thankful for God's amazing grace and love. Blessings and love to you!! Judy