Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Friday, March 19, 2010

Back and Forth

I have begun referring to our lives as the "new" normal. This is especially the case when speaking about Sarah's liver issues. She is still having weekly labs taken and visiting the clinic every other week. Well, yesterday her liver numbers crept back up again into the 100-200+ range. Not quite as high as her last episode that was diagnosed as mild acute rejection. Still, when you are a liver transplant recipient, the doctors make it a priority to insure nothing is happening to the liver itself - no damage, no true rejection, etc - and so, they continually take precautionary measures.

So, after Sarah's clinic visit Thursday afternoon, the docs ordered an ultrasound. This afternoon she will have another biopsy. Hopefully, this won't result in an extended stay. I'm even so bold to pray that they will let the girls come home tonight and call us tomorrow with the results. That is unlikely, but a guy can still hope, huh?

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