Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Clinic Time! - Tuesday's outcome

Patty took Sarah to her first post-transplant clinic visit Tuesday morning. Sarah had her standard blood tests in the AM and then the actual visit in the afternoon. Her labs looked great - only the GGT is still relatively high but is declining. So, the liver is functioning well and Dr. Healey said she looks great. She is still putting on at least a little weight. We still have her getting 2 oz. of breastmilk hourly through the NG tube until further notice. It will be interesting to track her weight over the next few weeks to see if she gains anything substantial. Patty is minimally breastfeeding her now due to the large intake through the NG. We are also beginning to supplement with a little formula to fortify the breastmilk.

This afternoon we received a call from Marsha, the transplant nurse coordinator, who advised us the CMV was high. For those of you not up to speed on your medical acronyms, CMV stands for the Cytomegalovirus. This is no big deal to normal, healthy person who will simply have cold symptoms. In an immunosuppressed individual CMV attacks the liver and other organs and can actually lead to organ rejection. Sarah was already on the meds to prevent CMV but apparently the dosage was not high enough. The dosage has been raised and we need to wait and see. She is asymptomatic but if she gets a fever and becomes symptomatic it will result in a one week stay with IV antibiotics. So much for taking the broviac line out!

If a further update is warranted following our Thursday clinic, I will post another entry.

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