Sheriff Sarah

Sheriff Sarah

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Infections and Cholangitis

Patty and Sarah will be staying at Children's until Tuesday. Dr. Christie, the GI doctor on duty has said it is a precaution to insure Sarah does not have cholangitis. This can cause damage to the liver and is one of the reasons they like to monitor a patient anytime they have a fever that pops out of nowhere like Sarah's did on Friday. She hasn't had a fever in over 24 hours so praise God. Dr. Christie also wanted to insure enough of the 2nd antibiotic (she already takes one on a daily basis) had worked into her system that the cholangitis would not be an issue that pops up once we return home. Since the liver is not working at its optimum level, any infection but especially cholangitis can prevent a problem so it is essential we are vigilant (and constantly in prayer!).

We have said this before but we are so very blessed to have a Children's Hospital so close to our home, and to have so many liver experts readily available. More good news is that Sarah's bilirubin has improved even more than the Thursday appointment! We just need to keep our eyes open for any more fevers and any signs of jaundice.

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  1. Kirk and Patty, I have never heard of cholangitis so I looked it up:

    The most common complication associated with the Kasai procedure is ascending cholangitis, a bacterial infection of the biliary tree. Bacteria normally found in the small intestine moves up the Roux-en-Y causing infection. Signs include unexplained fever, increased jaundice, or lighter stools. Intravenous and long-term oral antibiotics are used to prevent and treat ascending cholangitis.

    I got it from this website:

    Praise the Lord Sarah's fever has gone away! It's reassuring that the team at Children's is going to watch her to make sure it's not cholangitis.

    I love the picture you uploaded. Sarah is such a sweeties.